Common Questions

Do you have tips about how to use the vegetables in the share?
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Each week in the e- newsletter there is information about using the vegetables in your share. If you pick up at the farm, the distribution room is also a good place to pick up ideas from others about how to use the vegetables.

You can also see our Recipe Index for a list of resources on the storage, preparation, and usage of vegetables in your share.

When can I harvest my pick-your-own items?
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When they are ready, pick your own (PYO) crops are available to be picked by members any day of the week during daylight hours. Check the PYO page for updates regarding what crops are open. The PYO Board in the barn (on the right as you walk in the door from the road) has current information about the locations of the crops, picking limits as well as clippers and containers.

Is there any way I can know what's in my share each week and what's on the way?
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We encourage members to read their weekly e-newsletter to keep updated with what's happening on the farm, how the crops are doing, and what crops are on the way. We post the vegetables that are available each week on the "What's In" Page. You can also look at the sample harvest schedule further down on the "what's in" page to get idea of what time of year to expect different vegetables.

Is there a work requirement for members if I join the farm?
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No, there is not a work requirement for our members but volunteers are always welcome. We will be host one or two work parties throughout the season. We also welcome members to volunteer June-October on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday mornings primarily during harvest times - please contact us to arrange a volunteer shift.

What will happen to extra produce that the farm produces?
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Produce that is not picked up from CSA distributions or left over from farmers markets will be donated to local food pantries serving folks in need.

If we have a significant amount extra of particular items, we will make them available to CSA members buy in bulk as well as selling to restaurants and health food stores.

What if I am in the area for only part of the year?
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We have a fall share available for students and others who are only in the area in the fall. We also have a summer only share. It may also be possible to pro-rate a share if you are interested in starting your share late or early, just contact us to find out.

Another solution if you won't be in town consistently is to split a share with friends.

What if I miss a week of distribution?
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If you know you are going to miss a week, you can give your share away to a friend or a neighbor. We will be happy to help them out and answer any questions they might have. If no one picks up, the share will be donated to a local soup kitchen or food pantry.

Can I purchase half of a share?
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Yes! We offer a "mini" or "small" share that is equivalent to half a standard share.

Can I split a share with someone?
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Splitting a share if fine, we just ask that the share is listed under one primarily contact's name. If you would like your share partner to receive the weekly CSA newsletter, please just list their email on your share form, or they can sign up for the e-list on our website.

How many people does a share feed?
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For shares picked up at the farm, there are three share sizes. The standard share is enough food to feed 2 adults and 2 kids for the week and is typically 8 items(8-16 lbs of food). The mini share is 4 items, sized for a single person. The large share is 11 items, sized for a large or vegetarian household.

The delivered box standard share is enough to feed 2-3 adults for the week and is typically 8-10 items a week. The small delivered box is about half that size, a good amount for a single person.