Employment Opportunities

Positions Available in 2018

We have room on our team for experienced farm crew members who are looking for a multi-year position as well as those relatively new to farming looking for a well crafted full season apprentice, summer intern experience, or a fun part time field crew position.  

Still open for 2019:

Staff Positions: Greenhouse/Wash&Pack Manager and Tractor Operator

Apprenticeships - 7-9 month work/learn positions

Summer Internships - 2-3 month work/learn position

Field Work Positions - Harvest/field work positions, may be summer only or fall only, part or full time. 



We seek farmers in training to come learn with us!  We are two farmers with more than 20 years experience each who enjoy sharing what we know and learning from you.  Our scale allows motivated apprentices to learn and practice a wide variety of skills.  We have been training apprentices for fifteen years now and consider training future farmers to be one of the most rewarding things that we do.  

We seek individuals who are passionate about farming and interested in managing a farm.  Apprentices learn how the farm works from seed to distribution by participating in greenhouse work, irrigation, transplanting, cultivation, pest control, harvesting, wash and pack, farmers markets, CSA distribution, tractor operations and more. In addition to hands-on training in the fields, we hold weekly education sessions.  Apprentices have the opportunity to learn about soil fertility, crop rotation, business planning, budgeting, marketing, crop planning and more during on-farm workshops as well as have opportunities to take field trips to other farms.  

Term of Employment: April through the end of November


  • Training in organic farming, CSA, and business management
  •  $10.40-11.00/hour for 40-50 hours/week 
  • 1-2% bonus for successful completion of the season
  • Access to produce from the farm
  • Worker's Compensation coverage
  • Assistance in locating housing


  • At least 2 months experience working on a vegetable farm. 
  • A strong interest in working and learning on a production CSA farm
  • Ability to work in all weather conditions and be physically able to complete a season of farm work
  • A valid driver's license with clean driving record
  • Good communication skills
  • Honesty, respect for others and the land, and a positive attitude

For more information and an application, please contact us at 315-882-0086 or info@commonthreadcsa.com.


Seasonal Positions

Summer Interns learn on the farm, participating in greenhouse seeding, transplanting, harvesting, pest control, CSA distribution and more.  The position runs from mid-May or June through mid to late August.  Summer interns receive training in sustainable agriculture, $10.40/hour for 40-45 hours/week, produce from the farm, and assistance in locating housing locally.  All employees have workers compensation coverage.  We seek folks who are excited about farming, responsible, hard working, positive and good communicators.  Some prior experience on a farm or garden is very helpful.  Summer interns must be able to work in all weather conditions and have a valid drivers license.  

Field crew members work 15-24 hours per week late May through August and/or September-November.   The primary task is harvesting but the position may also involve washing, packing, weeding, transplanting, greenhouse work and other farm tasks.  The pay is $10.40/hour plus vegetables.  Field crew members have workers compensation coverage. We seek field crew members who enjoy working outside both alone and with others, are up for the athletic challenge of farm work, and who are excited to be part of the meaningful work of growing healthy food for the community.  

For more information and an application for any of these positions, please contact us at 315-882-0086 or info@commonthreadcsa.com.


Apprentice and Intern Testimonials

Testimonials from former apprentices and interns:

Working at Common Thread CSA with Wendy and Asher created a standard of hard work and farming excellence for me. Their openness to teaching and new ideas, their incredible ability to problem solve and attend to all of the details, and their extreme dedication and engagement in the community have influenced me and given me a strong foundation to continue to grow and share food in a sustainable and conscientious manner. There is a lot of respect for this farm in the community, and that was clear to me during my interactions with CSA members and devoted farm stand customers. Wendy and Asher's hard work and purposefulness will serve as an inspiration for me in my future endeavors. 

Ellie, Common Thread Apprentice 2017

After completing a two-year college program in Fruit and Vegetable Crops, I came to Common Thread Farm to apprentice under Wendy and Asher, and I'm certain that I learned far more at this farm than in the classroom!  Asher and Wendy have put careful thought and decades of experience into creating a farm and a yearly group of workers, both apprentices and others, who are interdependent—the farm needing its workers for completion of daily labor during the growing season, and the workers needing the farm to help teach them as they learn to tend land, care for plants, and feed people. Priorities are balanced in the way the farm is run: profit and efficiency are worked for so that the farm can continue to thrive and support those who care for it, while excess food is donated to where there is local need, and education is given generously to the next generation of farmers.  While I was at Common Thread, I received a real boost from the atmosphere and opportunities there. I was able to make a fair wage and live locally while learning on the job, and I built friendships with fellow apprentices as we drove out to visit other farms on educational field trips. Now, as I have taken on more managerial farm roles elsewhere since my apprenticeship, I carry with me memories of Wendy and Asher's management style and kind manner of relating to people. I also remember Asher's insistence on workers knowing the exact names of the tools they used!
-Sophia Urusova, Apprentice, 2014 and 2015.
Farming with Wendy and Asher for a full season was one of the most educational experiences of my life. Even at the height of the season, they make sure to find time for your questions and give thorough explanations for the different work to be done on the farm. They are two incredible and sincere farmers, who willingly impart their wealths of knowledges and years of experience on subjects that range from CSA business planning, to medicinal herbs, cover crop management, and hundreds more!
-Julia, 7-month apprentice 2012
Wendy and Asher are patient, gracious, and always willing to help young farmers learn new skills.  I learned a great amount about farming under their supervision, and always felt like I was contributing to worthwhile work because they were along side me and gave the task context.  Their passion and love for farming is truly contagious and their demeanor is peaceful and focused.  I was inspired to work with this well-coordinated team that has great communication and doesn't mind get their hands dirty.  Ask plenty of questions because there are years of experience and knowledge to tap into.  
Katrina Cohoe
Summer Intern, 2011
My two seasons working with Asher and Wendy were critical in my development as a farmer and manager. I came in with a list of skills I wanted to learn, and they were intentional about helping me meet my goals. Apprentices were part of the day to day planning which gave me a solid base in priority setting, as well as crew and task management. I had the opportunity to do a lot of tractor work, cover cropping, and mange the greenhouse. I had increased responsibilities my second season and was able to build on my skills and understanding of farm systems from one year to the next. Asher and Wendy have continued to mentor me as I moved into a management role on a different farm -- I literally do not know where I would be without them!
Angela DeFelice
Apprentice, Poughkeepsie Farm Project (with Asher and Wendy) 2010-2011
Farm Manager, Rock Steady Farm
The two seasons I worked with Asher and Wendy, first as an intern then an assistant manager, were incalculably valuable to my farming education. They are extremely smart and communicative growers, and they were supportive to my learning objectives as well. After two years with them I felt very ready to manage my own farm. They're amazing. I can't recommend them enough. 
Sarah Pappas
PFP with Asher and Wendy 2009-10
Farm Manager at The Greening of Detroit and Keep Growing Detroit 2011-13
Fresh Cut Flower Farm Detroit