Become a CSA Member

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a partnership of mutual commitment between a farm and a community of supporters. CSA members commit to support the farm throughout the season, joining the farmers in assuming both the risks and the bounty of growing food. The farm provides, to the best of its ability, a generous supply of fresh produce throughout the growing season. CSA promotes a responsible relationship between people and the food they eat, the land on which it is grown, and those who grow it.

The Share  

We grow a wide variety of vegetables, flowers, and herbs using sustainable methods. Our customized CSA allows you to choose the vegetables you prefer from 15-30 options each week. Your share also includes access to pick-your-own crops such as beans, peas, flowers, and herbs. This gives you a chance to get into the fields and bring home additional items. Members also receive a weekly CSA newsletter.

Share sizes and prices:

Standard shares are sized for a family ($37-46/box). Small shares are sized for a single person or a household that doesn’t cook a lot of vegetables ($20-26/box). Large shares for avid vegetable eaters are available at the farm. Members with delivered shares can also choose a biweekly option.

Share lengths: 

Main Season: 22 weeks (June-early November)

Summer: 12 weeks (June-August)

Fall: 10 weeks (September – early November)

Winter shares (approximately biweekly boxes November- January) have a separate sign-up that starts in early fall.  Winter shares are double sized boxes designed to last 2 weeks and contain storage crops such as potatoes, carrots, onions and cabbage as well as hearty greens or field crops such as kale, arugula and Brussel sprouts.

Payment plans, sliding scale, and sponsored shares: 

Our sign-up form offers payment plans in full, 2-payment, and 5-payment options. We are able to set up other payment plans upon request. We offer a sliding scale, so that those who cannot easily afford the full price of a CSA share can opt for a discounted price (15% off).

Those who are able to donate can help cover the costs of members who need assistance, either by paying the high end of the sliding scale and/or by donating to our sponsored share program.

In addition to our sliding scale, we offer a limited number of sponsored CSA shares for those who need additional financial assistance to be able to participate in the CSA.  Please contact us for an application if you are interested in a sponsored share, or if you would like to pay for your share with EBT.

Please consider paying with a check (no fees for us) or electronic check (1% fee for us) rather than a credit card (3% fee to us), if you can. This collectively makes a big difference in the funds that are available for farm and sponsored share needs.

The CSA Member Pledge:
Community Supported Agriculture is a partnership of mutual commitment between a farm and a community of farm members. By participating in Common Thread CSA, I understand that while the farmers are committed to the best of their ability to provide ample high quality produce, there are risks involved in agriculture and I am prepared to share in the risks of the farm as well as the bounty. I also understand that it is my responsibility to pick up my share each week.

The weekly e-newsletter provides information about using the vegetables in your share. If you pick up at the farm, the distribution room is also a good place to pick up ideas from others about how to use the vegetables.

There are a lot of great online resources to find recipes as well.  We recommend as one that has a lot of great vegetable ideas.

Pick-your-own (PYO) crops are available every day during daylight hours. Check the PYO page to see which crops are ready. The PYO board (next to the fields, near the distribution tent) has current information about locations of the crops and picking limits. Clippers and containers are provided, though you should feel free to bring your own if you wish.

Members with delivered shares will receive an email a few days before the box arrives with a list of the planned items. They can remove and add items through the online shop.

We encourage members to read their weekly e-newsletter to keep updated with what’s happening on the farm, how the crops are doing, and what crops are on the way. We post a list of current vegetables on the “What’s In” page. You can also look at the sample harvest schedule further down on the “What’s In” page to get idea of what time of year to expect different vegetables.

No, there is not a work requirement for our members, but volunteers are always welcome. Please contact us to arrange a volunteer shift.

Leftover produce from CSA distribution and farmer’s markets is donated to local food pantries serving folks in need.

If we have extra of particular items, we will make them available to CSA members buy in bulk, as well as selling to restaurants and local stores.

We have a fall share available for students and others who are only in the area in the fall. We also have a summer-only share. It is possible to pro-rate a share if you are interested in starting your share late or early; please contact us to set that up.

You can set up a delivery hold on your account to schedule a box for a different week. This must be arranged at least 2 days ahead of your pick up day so that we don’t pick and pack your share.

You may also give your share to a friend or a neighbor, or ask us to donate your share to a soup kitchen.

Yes! Our small share is equivalent to half of a standard share. We also offer a biweekly option for delivered shares. Either size can be scheduled for every two weeks.  This option is available by request for on-farm shares.

Splitting a share is fine, but we ask that the share is listed under one primary contact’s name. If you would like your share partner to receive the weekly CSA newsletter, please include their email address on your share form. They can also sign up for the e-list on our website.

The standard share is enough food to feed a small family for the week. The small share is half the size of a standard, sized for a single person or a family that doesn’t cook a lot of vegetables.

Yes, if you let us know that you no longer would like to receive a CSA share, we will cancel your share and issue a refund for the remaining boxes. We must be notified of the cancellation at least 2 days before pick up so we don’t pick your share. We will refund the entire amount less the 4% processing fee if the CSA share has not started yet, or a pro-rated amount if the season has started.