Becoming a CSA Member

To join the CSA, you can either mail in a printable form with a check (see link to form below) or pay with a credit card online through the link below.  

Sign up online here.

Below is the printable agreement form in PDF format.


"I thoroughly enjoyed picking up our share on Saturday mornings at the farm. It was fun to choose veggies in the company of other members; to see children playing in the children's area; and to chat with Wendy and Asher. The produce was abundant, beautifully presented, fresh, and delicious. One of my favorite experiences is picking flowers in the field. We are now enjoying our first experience of winter shares and look forward to next year too! "

— Leslie, Deansboro

"One evening I was entertaining so I needed more squash than I had in my CSA share. I filled in with the same kind of squash from a grocery store. But when I cooked them there was no comparison. Common Thread squash was finer grained, less watery, not stringy, and full of so much good flavor."

— Padma, Hamilton

"I particularly enjoyed the setup whereby one could choose which vegetables to take home and could even get enough to do some preserving.  I was thrilled to be able to make a batch of pickles.  The vegetables were fresh,attractive and very tasty.  I have developed several new favorites including fennel and celery root"

— Marsha, Sherburne

"Bravo and Kudos to both of you and your staff.  And many many thanks for all the hard work and your enthusiasm in providing us with such a bounty of healthy and delicious local food. You succeeded in spades, despite the drawbacks handed out by Mother Nature. The winter share option is a great addition and I love the fact that potatoes are one of your crops. I'm looking forward to next year :) "

— From our 2013 Member Survey

"For our first time as CSA members we were so pleased with the entire process, from sign up to our last share pick up.  We learned a lot about new foods that we never tried before. The emails were very informative, including the variety of recipes we tried. (I forwarded them to my family because they were so interesting.) Each week we were excited to see what was in our box. The quality and quantity were spectacular!!! It was definitely a healthy eating experience...And best of all we learned so much volunteering on the farm." 

— Ed and Carole, Fulton

"We have just completed our second season as members and can say that, without a doubt, this was the best investment we've ever made. Not only was it financially sound, but much more important, it provided us with an amazing bounty of fresh, organically grown produce to feed our hearts and souls. We have the peace of mind knowing we are not ingesting pesticides, and the joy of preparing fantastic recipes, using familiar as well as newly discovered varieties of fruits and veggies. Finally, the other grand benefit is the communal fun of meeting other members on pickup days and other CSA sponsored events."

— Geni & Steve, Hamilton