My name is Alexis. I had the pleasure of being an apprentice at Common Thread for two seasons starting in 2019. The apprenticeship is an amazing opportunity for anyone interested in organic CSA farming. Wendy and Asher are great educators, willing to share insights into every aspect of what it takes to sustain a viable local food system. I learned about soil science, crop rotation, infrastructure, machine maintenance, and financial planning all while experiencing the joy of being outside, with my hands in the dirt, watching the seeds I planted grow into beautiful nourishing vegetables. It is a physically demanding job that requires you to think and move efficiently. However, the pressure of the pace is eased by the culture that Wendy, Asher, and their longtime harvest manager Packard have created. As much as they taught and directed, they also asked for input and listened attentively to any concerns or critiques. For me, Common Thread was at heart a place of friendship and laughter, where everyone was united in the goal of building a healthier community. As much as the environment and labor were demanding, so too were they incredibly fulfilling. I’ll always be grateful for the time I spent there.